Death Penalty Splits Senate


Two state senators from southeast Iowa are hoping a death penalty amendment won’t stop lawmakers from passing a tougher sex offender bill this year. State Sens. Tom Courtney, D–Burlington, and Gene Fraise, D–Fort Madison, are hoping lawmakers will vote on the sex offender bill without getting caught up in politics over getting the death penalty more »


Brooklyn Carjacker’s Excessive Sentence Reassessed

car jack car jacking criminal defense

A Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson has successfully lobbied U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to take another look at a Queen’s carjacking case involving a man by the name of Holloway who was sentenced in 1995 to 57 years in prison. Thanks to Judge Gleeson, Holloway will likely be freed in nine months according to his more »


Defendant Lawyers Complain that Recorded Phones Calls at Jails Violate Defendant’s Sixth Amendment Rights

sixth amendment rights

Attorneys in Florida, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and now Texas have been complaining that their phone calls with their jailed clients are being recorded by law enforcement. A Texas lawyer has filed an amended class action complaint stating that this practice violates a defendant’s 6th Amendment constitutional rights. The Sixth Amendment guarantees criminal defendants more »


When Can You Get a New York Criminal Conviction Sealed?

court cases sealed

If you have ever been convicted of a crime in New York, you know that it may be more difficult to find employment or get government assistance or housing. However, there may be some options for you such as getting your criminal record sealed. Requirements to Get Case Sealed In order to qualify to get more »


Predictive Data and Judge’s Sentencing Patterns

predictive data

Attorney General Holder spoke to the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys in a meeting in Philadelphia on Friday August 1 regarding his opinions on judges sentencing low level non-violent offenders based upon risk assessments. Holder believes that judges should not base sentencing guidelines for offenders on risk assessments of whether someone’s educational or socioeconomic more »


Criminal Trespass or Burglary Crimes

criminal trespass and burglary

Two thieves broke into an upper West side apart on the 17th floor of the building on West Avenue near West 10th Street July 12, 2014, by being able to get past a doorman. The two suspects broke into the apartment of a 26 year old woman and her 31 year old boyfriend. When a more »


Another Russian Arrested on US Warrant

Secret Service

Vadim Polyakov, a Russian national, has been taken into custody in Spain and is being held for extradition to America. Polyakov, 30, is accused of hacking into internet users’ accounts and stealing $10 million of e-tickets that he ultimately sold. Russian media reported Tuesday that Polyakov is being detained in Madrid while awaiting trial. The more »


Reckless Driving in New York

reckless driving in new york

New York Statute § 1212 defines reckless driving as any means of operating any kind of motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the use of the highway by others and endangers others unreasonably. Reckless driving is a prohibited offense in New York. A reckless driving violation is considered a misdemeanor. The NYPD has more »


Child Pornography : The Problem Continues

Child Pornography

A rabbi, a registered nurse and a Boy Scout troop leader were among the people arrested recently in New York City on charges of swapping child pornography. The case is being called by federal officials one of the largest-ever roundups in the metro area. The arrests came as the result of an extensive investigation by more »


Dmitry Belorossov : A Victim of Extradition or Kidnapping?

Dmitry Belorossov

Dimitry Belorossov’s extradition is one that many countries are carefully watching, as they believe that it is kidnapping, rather than a legal process. Countries usually issue travel alerts for citizens who may be traveling to areas thought to be a threat because of political unrest, natural disasters or health scares. The Russian Foreign Ministry, though, more »