New York City Announces New Marijuana Policy

Marijuana Law in NYC

Mayor Bill de Blasio has unveiled a new plan regarding the enforcement of law on marijuana possession. According to the new announcement, people found in possession of small amounts of marijuana will be given a ticket and will be cited for violation instead of being arrested and charged for a crime. This could potentially be more »


Interesting Facts About FCA Settlements


Total recoveries under the False Claims Act since January 2009 to $ 17 billion. As in previous years, the largest recoveries related to health care fraud, which reached $2. 6 billion. In fiscal year 2013… $443 million in recoveries for state Medicaid programs The $2. 6 billion in health care fraud recoveries in fiscal year more »


Major US Banks In The Midst Of A Legal Investigation

JP Morgan Chase

J.P. Morgan Chase is currently facing a criminal investigation by the Justice Department with respect to the behavior of traders in the foreign exchange market. JP Morgan is the largest bank in the US. Along with this criminal investigation, JP Morgan is also facing civil investigations by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the UK’s more »


Landmark Lawsuit Against the State of New York

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr had already declared last year that America’s legal defense system for the poor was in a crisis. Now, he is supporting a landmark class-action lawsuit accusing Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the State of New York accusing them of perpetuating a legal system that violates the rights of people more »


Mother and son accused of stealing $2 million in toys

Pollara mugshot

Deputies have arrested a mother and son duo, accused of stealing over $2 million worth of merchandise from toy stores across the country. Margaret Pollara, 70, and her son Michael Pollara, 47, were arrested Thursday. Investigators said Michael has stolen toys from Toys “R” Us from almost 50 states. “He made it a goal of more »


Buying Guns for Friends

Bruce Abramski

Many people buy things at stores for their friends and/or relatives everyday, however the Supreme Court has now decided in Abramski v. United States that you cannot go to a licensed gun dealer and pick up a gun for a friend. More importantly to Bruce Abramski of Virginia, you cannot lie on the form that more »


Brother’s DNA Leads to Charges in 1990s Two Long Island Murders

John Bittrolff

Timothy Bittrolff’s DNA lead to the arrest of his brother, John Bittroff, a 48 year old construction worker from Manorville, being held without bail in connection with two Long Island murder cases dating back to the 1990’s. John Bittrolff was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the deaths of two women whose bodies were more »


When Can You Get a New York Criminal Conviction Sealed

criminal conviction sealed

If you have ever been convicted of a crime in New York, you know that it may be more difficult to find employment or get government assistance or housing. However, there may be some options for you such as getting your criminal conviction sealed. Requirements to Get Case Sealed In order to qualify to get more »


The Case of Christie Steiner


When Richard developed lung cancer from exposure to asbestos while on the job, neither he or his wife, Christie, thought their case would make it to the Supreme Court. The Steiners filed a lawsuit citing personal injury against the Volkswagen Group of America, Ford Motor Company and others. Volkswagen moved early in the hearings to more »


Stand Your Ground/Defense of Justification Laws

stand your ground

According to recent findings from the ABA National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws, the task force found that states which have some type of stand your ground law have an increase of 8% in homicide rates and that these laws are biased towards racial minorities. There also appears to be widespread confusion among more »