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Medical Marijuana Motivates CPS to Remove Child From Home

An eleven-month child was grabbed by social workers and placed into foster care because of legally prescribed medical marijuana. The child’s father was put into handcuffs while the young mother cried. No law had been broken, Child Protective Services (CPS) more »

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Eyewitness Testimony Isn’t What It Used to Be

“There is almost nothing more convincing than a live human being who takes the stand, points a finger at the defendant, and says, ‘That’s the one!’” — Former US Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, Jr.   What the good more »

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Have a Bully in the Workplace? It Might Cost You

As an employer, you probably want your workers to feel secure at work. Unless you know what bullying looks like, you won’t be able to take action. Bullying at the job is often legally defined as the “consistent and repeated more »

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Criminalization of Journalism in America

Journalism is under fire in America. One of the basic bedrocks of America’s freedom is “Freedom of the Press.” In a way that the Founding Fathers may not appreciate, many people feel the US government today is slicing away at more »

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Three Deaths and a White Collar Crime: New York Woman to go on Trial for Guns Purchase

Dawn Nguyen walked into a store four years ago and bought a 12-gauge shotgun and a .223-caliber rifle. She was given a $200 discount on the rifle and paid $319.00 for the shotgun. The man who accompanied her to the more »

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A Boom in Black Market Cybercrime Tools

Hackers used to be solitary. Like the guy that watches creepy late-night movies or the woman that sets in the park and feeds the pigeons. A pastime spent alone with only the glow of the screen for company. The world more »

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USB Broker Gets Off With Time Served

In what can be a cut-throat-world of higher finance, people get greedy as long as the dollars are flowing their way. Once they get caught stealing, everything can become everyman for himself. Recent bid rigging in New York State shows more »

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How Technology Can Outpace the Law: Upskirt Photography and Surrogate Moms

In the horse-and-buggy days, when people could go at the breathtaking speed of 4 mph, there was no need for speed limit signs. Then along comes the “horseless carriage” and people are zipping around at almost 20mph.   Henry Ford’s more »

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Refresher Tips for Criminal Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys always face an uphill fight when defending clients who have been charged with committed different crimes. If a person has been arrested, the government certainly feels they have good evidence against the accused. While this is taught more »

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Arkady Bukh Accepting Bitcoins for Payment of Legal Fees

Bitcoins can be used for a multitude of transactions as well as investments. This unique stand-alone popular high tech currency is recognized for its transactional flexibility, easy access and use. Bitcoins are accepted by many businesses worldwide and can now more »

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