Criminal Sale Charges: Why they Matter in New York

New York City Criminal Attorneys Will Aggressively Work in Defense of Your Criminal Sale Charge


Our New York Defense attorneys work daily to mitigate charges dealing with the criminal sales of controlled substances.  The criminal sale of controlled substances is a serious felony offense in New York that has severe financial penalties and minimum mandatory jail time associated with it.  If you have been charged or even questioned in regards to a criminal sale of a controlled substance you must contact an attorney immediately!  You need immediate assistance in your case to prevent the dissemination of self-incriminating information or to support you in your arraignment efforts.


Serious charges require serious attorneys!  You don’t want your future in the hands of a NY criminal lawyer without the experience your case requires.  You want New York’s Top Ranked Criminal Attorney on your side.


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I highly recommend Arkady Bukh. I retained Arkady to represent me in my criminal defense manner and I was very impressed with the speed and thoroughness of which it was handled. Arkady is very experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable about the criminal law. His staff was also very courteous and helpful. Arkady and his team did a great job on building my defense. When I had questions, they had answers. Arkady kept me informed of what was going on as my case progressed and was straight with me about the potential outcomes. Arkady is an excellent courtroom attorney. He presented my case vigorously and with integrity. He did a great job interviewing and cross-examining witnesses. He kept pointing out the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. Eventually, we won an acquittal. Arkady Bukh is a great NY defense attorney who will work hard to fight for you!

Graham (New Jersey)