Insurance Fraud

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What is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is by no means a “new” crime. Legal principles and statutes governing this crime have been in place as long as there have been insurance companies. Insurance fraud is defined as an act committed on the part of the insured individual to fraudulently obtain a payment or benefit from an insurer. Insurance fraud takes many forms, and occurs in any context where there is some type of insurance policy. This crime is a serious allegation, and insurance companies are powerful companies that will suggest serious fines and penalties for anyone accused of insurance fraud. If you find yourself in this situation, you need a criminal defense attorney who has a thorough understanding of trial advocacy and insurance law.


Types of Insurance Fraud

When they think of insurance fraud, most people think of auto accidents, where the perpetrator of the fraud claims that a vehicle was damaged by another party. But there are many different types of insurance fraud. One example could be when someone claims to have a chronic condition in order to receive extended Workmen’s Compensation or Long Term Disability. Medicaid fraud and Medicare fraud are also considered types of insurance fraud when a physician takes advantage of the fee-for-service structure by upgrading or downgrading the medical codes in order to receive more money for services or to aid their patients by giving them services to which their insurance may not approve.

Insurance Fraud in New York

Recent Medicare Fraud Charges Involve Multi-Million Dollar Transactions

On the flip side, insurance fraud can also be perpetrated on the part of the insurer. There have been many instances of insurance fraud committed by insurance agencies or their agents.


Challenges in Defending an Insurance Fraud Case Against You

Politics can play a huge part in how insurance fraud is treated by the courts. Previously, most insurance fraud cases were considered civil matters, instead of criminal prosecutions. But cases of insurance fraud are now prosecuted in criminal court, which can have a much more permanent and detrimental effect on the life and future of the person accused of insurance fraud. If you have been accused of insurance fraud or have been a victim of it, we can help. You will need a seasoned New York City criminal attorney who can walk you through your options and help you better understand complications and associations that result in cases of insurance fraud. At Bukh and Associates, we have the skills and the expertise to help with complicated insurance fraud cases.

Insurance fraud is a serious offense with potential long-term consequences including jail time. When your future is at stake contact the best New York criminal law firm. We are hands on throughout all stages of the legal criminal process from pretrial investigations and negotiations to trial. Our team of some of the best NYC defense attorneys has extensive experience to help you negotiate with the prosecution.

Large insurance companies have lots of political power, so a conviction for insurance fraud can result in serious penalties.

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