New York Criminal Attorney Explain Felonies and Misdemeanors


The US legal system uses three different categorizations for crimes committed in the United States: infractions, MISDEMEANORS, and FELONIES.  Infractions are very minor and rarely used by law enforcement except in juvenile cases or non-moving vehicle violations such as traffic tickets.  Criminal offenses are usually some classification of misdemeanor or felony.


MISDEMEANOR CHARGES are considered less serious offenses than felonies and are usually punished using monetary fines versus incarceration. FELONIES are considered a serious offense and are usually punished with jail time, as well as, fines. Classifications for felonies and misdemeanors are based upon the old adage that the punishment should fit the crime. Misdemeanors are those “lesser” crimes from which jail time would be equal to less than a year, and felonies are crimes of “high seriousness” for which jail time exceeds a year.


Both FELONIES and MISDEMEANORS are considered criminal offenses. Many people misunderstand the impact of having even a misdemeanor on your record. Certainly, having a felony violation closes financial and employment doors in your future, but the facts are that if you have been charged and convicted of a criminal offense of any kind it will go on your permanent criminal record and can be seen by employers in the future and used as evaluation criteria for future employment.


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