Charged with Illegal Firearm Sales or Possession?


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There are a wide variety of charges associated with the possession and/or sale of a FIREARM in the City of New York. New York City has extremely strict laws in regards to firearm possession and distribution be it rifles and shotguns or handguns.



You must obtain a permit to own any type of FIREARM, and if you are found in possession of a FIREARM in NYC without a permit or in violation of the laws governing their transportation and distribution you can be charged with either a MISDEMEANOR or a FELONY.  Moreover, if you are an out-of-state resident driving through New York you are also required to have a firearm permit.  This has been of particular interest in the news this year after former US Marine Ryan Jerome was arrested for handing in his registered firearm over voluntarily to security personnel at the Empire State Building.  Jerome had a license from his own state to carry the weapon but because it was not a New York License he was charged with a felony weapons possession.  It was was later pled down to a misdemeanor charge, but the case did raise interesting questions regarding Full Faith and Credit.

Firearm Charge in New York

Weapon Charges are Actively Prosecuted in NYS



Illegal firearm possession can include:



  • Procurement of the weapon outside officially recognized dealers and distributors
  • Falsifying information on permit applications
  • Being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm (this could mean that you are the owner of a vehicle in which a firearm is present –regardless of whether you are the owner)



Possession of a weapon (loaded FIREARM or GUN) within the city is considered by law enforcement and the courts as a violent offense that has mandatory jail terms associated with this offense.  There are countless, notable, newsworthy cases regarding individuals (even celebrities) who were incarcerated on charges of weapon possession simply because they were in the same vehicle (or driving a vehicle) wherein a passenger was carrying a loaded FIREARM without the consent or knowledge of the other passengers/driver.



You cannot take any weapons charges within the New York City limits lightly.  The courts certainly do not.  When you have been charged with any FIREARM-related offense you must have the best NYC gun attorneys at your disposal.



Firearm sales is a serious charge with potential long-term consequences including jail time. When your future is at stake contact the best New York  defense attorney.  Call us 800-601-0207. We are available 24/7.


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