Notices to clients

Appearance instruction

1. Come to the court at the time ordered. Check your name on the calendar on the first floor – if you can not find calendar ASK COURT OFFICERS, where the court calendar is.

2. After you found court calendar find your name there and go to the assigned court room and wait in the room. If you can not find your name ask court officers for Clerks office. Give them your name and they will direct you to your court room.

3. In most cases while you waiting (2-3 hours) to be called attorneys from our office will be negotiating your case with prosecutors, judges (in many counties), ordering interpreter, ordering court file and working on it.

4. Please while you waiting DO NOT CALL US WITHIN FIRST 1.5 HOURS, this is the busiest time, however feel free to call us after that at 718 376-47-66 (Andrew/Greg) only than call my cell 718-376-6466.

If in very unlikely event your case is called, please say that you represented by Bukh & Associates, so they will call you in second time while we will be present. Also feel free to call us to inform that case was called.


I was in need of a defense lawyer and because of the complex nature of my case I needed someone experienced in a particular area here in New York. I found Arkady Bukh to be the best lawyer for what I was up against. He took a sincere interest in my case and if I ever had any questions or concerns, his office was very accommodating. Arkady was very thorough in building my defense and kept me well informed of all changes and developments. When it came time for trial, Arkady was a real fighter for justice and was brilliant in the courtroom. I was really impressed with how meticulous he was with the preparation and delivery of my case. Arkady Bukh is amazing at what he does and was clearly the right choice for me.

Julia M. (State Island NY)