Violent Crimes


When You Are Facing Charges for Violent Crimes You Need the Best in New York City Criminal Lawyers


The BUKH LAW FIRM represents individuals all over the New York City region who are facing criminal charges.  Our NYC Violent Crimes Lawyers practice area is one of the best in the entire Tri-State area.  We’ve successfully represented and defended cases of:



VIOLENT CRIMES are difficult for even the best of attorney’s to defend.  You do not want to bargain shop for law firms when your entire future is on the line.  Consider your freedom for a moment.  Do you really want to put it in the hands of someone fresh out of law school?  No, you want one of the best New York Violent Crimes Lawyer on your side.  You want Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC.


Don’t wait for your case to be tried in the court of public opinion.  Call us today.  Our violent crimes team of NYC defense attorneys conducts pre-trial investigations looking for all possible loopholes and “outs” that can be used to negotiate with the prosecution.  It is our goal to convince prosecutors to reduce sentences and (where possible) dismiss charges before the case even gets to trial.  However, should a trial become imminent we are there for you through the end.


Bukh Law Firm are hands-on and fierce advocates throughout the criminal process, from arraignment to sentencing.  Our New York City violent crimes defense attorneys are the best criminal trial lawyers that your money can buy.  Call us today at (800) 601-0207.  We’re here to help.


Let Top Ranked New York Criminal Defense Law Firm handle your case. Call us today 800-601-0207. We are available 24/7.


I had an incident where a person who I had a heated - yet non physical argument with decided to file a restraining order on me and lied in court to get it. Furthermore, this individual proceeded to call my business contacts and tell them of this order and encouraged them to stop doing business with me. I had a consultation with Arkady Bukh and told him everything. He said I had a good case and I handed it over to him to take care of. We challenged the order and when we went to court, Arkady provided the testimony and evidence to the judge of wrongdoing on the behalf of my accuser and the case was dropped the next day. Arkady Bukh really went to bat for me and helped to clear up this mess I had promptly and professionally. I am very grateful for his service.

Amelia (NYC)