Reckless Endangerment Charge in New York


Reckless Endangerment Charges in New York City


RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT are those acts which endanger human life and wherein the perpetrator is considered to have done so “without regard”. The use of the word “reckless” in context with a criminal charge is like upping the ante in poker—reckless driving, reckless endangerment, et al.  “Reckless” is considered to be those actions that were committed without thought of consequence or outcomes.  Sometime an offense that would not normally be categorized as “reckless”, speeding for example, will be qualified as “RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT” if the individual driving causes property damage or damage to another human being.  The use of this word when charging an individual with a crime can turn what would have been a misdemeanor into a felony.


Here at Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC we attempt to reverse the trend prior to trial by negotiating as your firm advocate with the prosecuting attorney. The NEW YORK CITY DEFENSE ATTORNEYS at Bukh Law Firm will be your fierce advocates throughout the criminal process.  Our goal is deliver excellent legal advice to help you achieve a reduced sentence, or if possible, dismissal of charges. Call us today at (800) 601-0207.


I had an incident where a person who I had a heated - yet non physical argument with decided to file a restraining order on me and lied in court to get it. Furthermore, this individual proceeded to call my business contacts and tell them of this order and encouraged them to stop doing business with me. I had a consultation with Arkady Bukh and told him everything. He said I had a good case and I handed it over to him to take care of. We challenged the order and when we went to court, Arkady provided the testimony and evidence to the judge of wrongdoing on the behalf of my accuser and the case was dropped the next day. Arkady Bukh really went to bat for me and helped to clear up this mess I had promptly and professionally. I am very grateful for his service.

Amelia (NYC)