Mortgage Fraud Charge in New York

Mortgage Fraud Charge explained by top NY criminal attorney


MORTGAGE FRAUD is one type of bank fraud; a non-violent, white collar criminal offenses perpetrated against or by a bank, lienholder, or other financial institution.  Mortgage fraud can be the use of fraudulent means to obtain or secure a mortgage loan that is larger than your financial situation can honestly afford. 


Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC has a great deal of sympathy for individuals being charged with crimes like mortgage fraud.  In many cases, predatory banks use threats of mortgage fraud to repossess the dwellings of individuals who have difficulties with payments of terms.  Many times, it is used as a defense to their own banking/lending transgressions.  Regardless of your situation, we promise to stand by you and see that true justice is served by the outcome of your case.



Mortgage Fraud is a very serious situation in the State of New York. You need the help of a top ranked NYC defense lawyer to avoid stiff penalties including jail time. Call us (800) 601-0207. We are available 24/7.


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