Human trafficking

How Do Human Traffickers Target Children?

Many people in the United States who are being trafficked for sex are U.S. citizens, and the average age at which victims are first trafficked is between 11 and 14. Both wealthy and poor children are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking, and often the pimps that first solicit victims to be trafficked more »


Investor fraud

Most Investors Do Not Know How to Recognize Investment Fraud

Investors who fall victim to investment fraud could face significant financial loss. Litigation provides recourse to investment fraud victims, but often shareholders and investors do not detect problems with the company they have invested in until the company is bankrupt or in serious financial trouble. A bankrupt company has limited or no assets to pay more »


Drug dealing New York

Calling Cops about Drug Deals That Go Bad

A man in Connecticut called 9-1-1 and complained to the police that his drug dealer had shorted him. He is now facing drug charges. Antonio Recinos not only called the police and explained to them his issue with the drug dealer but later, ran into a police patrolman and showed him a bag of blow more »


DNA Error test

Errors in DNA Match Calculations Show the Fallibility of Scientific Evidence

For many criminal defendants, DNA evidence is the key piece of prosecutorial evidence that results in conviction. A prosecutor has the burden of proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt, and if there are questions about whether you were the person who committed the crime, DNA evidence goes a long way towards showing you were more »



Lengthy Prison Sentences Can Come from Not Cooperating with Police Investigations

Can individuals who don’t actually commit a criminal act be sentenced to prison for helping to cover up evidence when a crime is committed? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. If you help a friend after-the-fact or obstruct a police investigation, you can face serious criminal charges.  Three college friends of Dzhokhar more »


Preventing Healthcare Fraud

Department of Justice Focused on Preventing Healthcare Fraud

In mid-May, the Assistant Attorney General spoke to the American Bar Association about the problem of health care fraud.  According to the Department of Justice transcript of the remarks, the focus of the discussion was on the Criminal Division’s efforts to fight against fraudulent claims made by healthcare providers. Healthcare fraud takes many forms, including more »



Assault Weapon Ban

Even a New York Judge can’t get the Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo or the NY State Police to release what could be embarrassing numbers. Despite an order issued by New York Judge Thomas J. McNamara, and required by the SAFE Act, The state officials are dragging their feet. Release of Data Resisted Arguing that more »


Juvenile reforms

Juvenile Justice Reform Could Help NY Teens Accused of Crimes

It is never a good thing when a teenager faces criminal charges, but the biggest nightmare for teens and parents is when a young person ends up being charged as an adult.  Teenagers do not have the maturity or knowledge to make informed and rationale decisions or to weigh the consequences of their actions the more »


Diversity in US Legal system

Lack of Diversity in the US Legal System

According to Montgomery Tabron, the head of WK Kellogg Foundation, one of the country’s largest philanthropies, the law enforcement and justice system in the US is broken. While criticism is rampant about the fact that the nation’s police force comprises mainly of white individuals, the reality is that the legal profession is even whiter. Prosecutors more »


Ponzi scheme fraud

An Illegal Ponzi Scheme Leads to 13-Years in Prison

A Ponzi scheme is a scheme in which unrealistically high rates of return are promised to investors. When new investors are lured by these promises and provide their funds to a money manager or financial advisor, money that the new investors pay in is used to enrich the person orchestrating the fraud scheme as well more »