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Criminal Sale of Controlled Substance

New York City Criminal Attorneys Will Aggressively Work in Defense of Your Criminal Sale Charge

Definition of Intent to Deliver or Distribute

Maybe you were smoking a little pot outside your apartment with a couple of friends. Maybe you had a small bag of cocaine. Maybe you were even caught selling heroin to an undercover cop. If any of these scenarios happen, you need to contact an experienced New York drug defense lawyer immediately. The lawyers with Bukh Law Firm have years of experience helping people accused of criminal drug possession. Often, individuals who were facing decades in prison on this charge have been able to get a reduced sentence — or even walk free — with the right legal counsel.

Drug and narcotic crimes, including criminal possession and sale, show up in numerous ways throughout New York. The punishment for the offense can be nothing more than a fine or as life-altering as a prison sentence. How much time in jail you receive will be determined by how hard — and successfully — your attorney fights for you.


Criminal Possession of Drugs

An individual is guilty of criminal possession if he or she unlawfully possesses:

  1. One or more preparations containing a narcotic drug and the total weight of the drug, compounds and mixtures weighs half-a-pound or more;
  2. Methadone in the amount of 5760 milligrams or more.

Typically tied in closely with criminal possession is the criminal sale of a controlled substance.

If you have are facing drug charges, your life doesn’t have to end. Search and seizure violations may open the door for a successful defense against possession or distribution.

It takes a legal time as sharp as Bukh Law Firm to investigate your case and develop the most compelling case on your behalf.

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Arkady Bukh has a long track record of representing clients accused of serious federal and state crimes in NYC


Types of Drug Distribution Crimes

Criminal sale of controlled substanceBecause of the nature of drug offenses the prosecutors and courts are eager to move forward. It is imperative to retain counsel with real-world experience to protect your rights and freedom. New York treats criminal possession of drugs seriously.

Any drug listed on Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the Controlled Substance Act is considered a controlled substance, except for marijuana. The penalties that come with conviction of criminal possession depend on the amount and type of drug involved. In New York, the offense could be charged with anything from the fifth to the first degree.

Two of the main types of charges may include:

  1. Criminal sale and/or possession of a prescription, or controlled substance
  2. Criminal sale and/or possession of a controlled substance near school grounds

Sentencing on these offenses will vary according to the case’s circumstances.


Penalties for Drug Related Crimes

The penalties depend on many variables. An experienced criminal defense attorney from Bukh Law Firm can advise you as to the potential penalties you face due to the circumstances of your case. However, remember, if convicted, you could face up to twenty-five years in state prison.

The most dangerous drugs as listed in the Controlled Substances Act are Schedule 1 drugs, such as heroin, peyote and ecstasy. As these are the most hazardous, they also carry the potential for the most time behind bars.


Hiring a Drug Crimes Lawyer

Serious charges require serious attorneys! You don’t want your future in the hands of a NY criminal lawyer without the experience your case requires. You want New York’s Top Ranked Criminal Attorney on your side.

Our New York Defense attorneys work daily to mitigate charges dealing with the criminal sales of controlled substances.  The criminal sale of controlled substances is a serious felony offense in New York that has severe financial penalties and minimum mandatory jail time associated with it. If you have been charged or even questioned in regards to a intent to distribute narcotics you must contact an attorney immediately!  You need immediate assistance in your case to prevent the dissemination of self-incriminating information or to support you in your arraignment efforts.

With the potential of losing up to twenty-five years of your life, you want to make sure you retain the best attorney possible.

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