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New York City Criminal Attorneys Are Your Best Defense Against (Drug) Smuggling Charges


What is Drug Smuggling?

SMUGGLING is the clandestine or “secret” transportation of money, goods (alcohol, drugs etc), or persons past a point of “prohibition”, ie, borders, secured facilities, etc. in violation of laws and regulations.  Smuggling used to be relegated to the movement of prohibited goods (drugs), but most recently crimes of human trafficking have made the news, shedding an international spotlight on this crime.

Everything from drugs to cigarettes to humans and more is smuggled into New York every year. Criminals ignore the laws that make smuggling a federal offense. Depending on what is being smuggled, the penalties can be extremely stiff. The federal system has its own sentencing guidelines and most include mandatory time. Under some circumstances, smuggling is viewed by the government as a terrorist act, and that means extra penalties.


Penalties for Smuggling

The mandatory minimum for smuggling is five years for a first offense. The penalties get stiffer as the offenses increase. The federal courts use a three-strikes rule. With the third conviction, a life sentence is mandatory.

In addition to stiff prison sentences, fines are usually imposed. The amount depends on several factors and can vary from $2 million to as high as $20 million depending on the severity of the offense and previous convictions.A significant factor is whether the accused is an individual or part of an organized crime group.

Top Rated Criminal Lawyer

Arkady Bukh has a long track record of representing clients accused of serious federal and state crimes in NYC


Smuggling Charges Defense

When faced with smuggling charges, an attorney with experience is called for. The courts and agencies that prosecute federal smuggling crimes are aggressive and have strong reasons to reduce criminal smuggling. Having an attorney who doesn’t have the experience the case demands means the DEA and FBI have won before the trial starts.

The team at Bukh Law Firm combine their knowledge, skills and talent to provide the best possible defense to persons accused of smuggling.


Hiring a Smuggling Attorney

Bukh Law Firm will not just represent, and defend, you in court. They will also investigate the charges looking for evidence that may defend against the allegations. Even experienced law enforcement authorities make mistakes. It takes an experienced attorney from Bukh Law Firm to know when law enforcement has crossed the line.

If you have been accused of Smuggling, you need attorneys with state, federal, and even international criminal law experience on your side.  At Bukh Law Firm we understand the rigors in navigating the various charges and jurisdictions involved in violations involving smuggling.  This is not the type of crime that you can afford to put into the hands of the inexperienced.  Much like charges of terrorism, if convicted of smuggling, you will serve a great deal of time in federal prison.  Our  NYC Criminal Attorneys have dealt with these charges in the past and are fully aware of the amount of research that must be conducted and what loopholes to look for when surveying the case files.

With Bukh Law Firm representing you, some of the most damning evidence may be suppressed or weakened. The charges may be reduced or even dismissed.

Bukh Law Firm have gotten many smuggling charges dismissed before going to trial because of rights violations.

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