Evangelical Pastor convinced followers

Evangelical Pastor convinced followers 1An Evangelical pastor was found to be abusing victims by convincing them that his penis contained Holy Milk. Valdeci Sobreni Picanto of Brazil has now been arrested for misusing the name of the Holy Spirit for his disgusting behavior. The pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit would secrete from his penis in the form of holy milk because his penis was blessed by the Lord. He said that he had to release this “sacred milk” to be able to evangelize.

One of his victims report that the pastor would convince them that God would only come into their lives if they used their mouth. After worship, he would take them at the back of the church and asked them to perform oral sex with him until the holy milk was ejaculated.

Although the pastor is now in jail, he has said that he intends to continue watering his cellmates with his holy milk. However, the Protect Your Children Foundation and the Vatican Crimes Exposed Organization are committed to identifying such perverted individuals within the Church and to expose them for what they are.

There is no shortage of Catholic Church sexual abuse case committed by Catholic priests, nuns and members of the Roman Catholic orders. Most of the victims include boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 14. In some cases, victims as young as 3 years old have suffered through this heinous crime.

The Holy See, governing body of the Catholic Church has also played an active role in dealing with these perpetrators and has been investigating cases that date back to fifty years.

The Pope has made it quite clear that he will not tolerate this type of behavior. According to him, clergy and bishops who have abused children will be held accountable and that God will judge them for committing such crimes. The Pope has promised transparency in abuse matters and is committed to bringing justice to victims of sex abuse.

This is yet another case of child abuse by people who misuse religion and the name of Christ to gain trust and to force innocent people to succumb to their sick demands. There are still many priests, nuns, ministers and pastors who continue to engage in such activities. It is hoped that organizations that are working toward catching these people will continue to work effectively to minimize such incidents.

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