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What is Fraud? Legal Definition

Fraud is a false representation of fact by words or conduct. False or misleading accusations and concealment of facts that should be disclosed can all be considered fraud. Fraudulent actions happen all of the time, but when a fraud is committed with the intent to deceive another person, this qualifies the fraud as a white collar crime. In order to  be a criminal action, the fraudulent statement or facts must relate to material fact and the defendant must know they are false. A material fact is something that is essential to the transaction, such as a description of the property or item, or a guarantee about the item or property.

Fraud is the deliberate deception committed for the purpose of securing an unfair, or unlawful, gain or benefit. Fraud is both a civil issue and criminal. Criminal fraud may be prosecuted with prison being the result. Defrauding individuals or groups, of money or valuables, is the typical purpose of fraud, but sometimes criminal fraud involves receiving benefits with stealing money or valuables.

As a criminal offense, fraud comes in many varieties. Some, such as theft by false pretense, are general, and others are specific to specific victims such as bank fraud, forgery or insurance fraud. While the ingredients of fraud vary, the required elements to convict someone accused of fraud are:

  1. The intent to deceive a victim by false representation, or
  2. The intent of persuading the victim to release property as they rely on the representations of the perpetrator

A national fraud review was conducted in America in 2006. The study found that fraud is an under-reported crime. The size of the problem indicated the requirement for a high-powered body to coordinate the numerous counter-fraud initiatives that were around.

Criminal fraud can be found in many areas of life. Real estate, banking, credit, insurance, etc. However, fraud is typically found in real estate as well as intangible properties. Criminal fraud can occur if the seller does not possess the item(s) they are selling. Criminal fraud may cover many types of transactions; getting an attorney who is experienced and has a total understanding should be retained immediately.

Fraud Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of fraud, it is never too early to talk to a Federal criminal attorney in NYC about your legal rights. An attorney who understands the nature of fraud convictions can help you make important decisions that will impact your criminal trial as well as your life in the future. The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Bukh Law Firm are available 24 hours a day to assist you if you have been accused of a crime.

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Examples of Fraud Cases in New York

Fraud is most commonly found in the buying and selling of real estate property and intangible property such as financial assets and copyrights. Fraudulent actions occur if the seller does not legally have title to the item that they are trying to sell, or if there is some sort of material defect or problem with the property that the seller fraudulently misrepresented to the buyer. However, fraud is not limited to only property or the sale of items. It can cover many different types of transactions or interactions, so you need an attorney who has a thorough understanding of fraud trials and financial transactions. If you are under suspicion of, or have been arrested on fraud charges, seek legal counsel from the best New York criminal firm available.

Why You Need Experienced Trial Attorneys

Charges of fraud must be proven with documents and testimony that show that the person who is accused of fraud made false or misleading representations by words or conduct. In order to prove this, the state will often bring forth witnesses to the actions by the purported defendant. When you are accused of fraud, you have a right to have all witnesses cross-examined by your attorney at trial. You need a lawyer who is experienced in the trial process, and who knows how to examine witnesses and object to testimony that is against the rules of evidence. The New York City defense attorneys at Law Office of Bukh Law Firm, PLLC will be your fierce advocates throughout the criminal process.

Bukh Law Firm – Your Fraud Charges Defense in New York

The attorneys at Bukh Law Firm offer a free initial consultation to anyone accused of criminal fraud. Fighting accusations of criminal fraud are not easy. The defense must be prepared to show why the requisite criteria wasn’t met for the charge or why the available evidence doesn’t warrant a finding of guilt.

Contact Bukh Law Firm immediately if:

  1. Law enforcement officials want to speak with you about an investigation, or
  2. You might face prosecution for a fraud offense, or
  3. You have been charged with an offense.

The 2008 financial crisis has left prosecutors and juries wary of alleged financial fraud. Bukh Law Firm also have significant experience defending clients in fraud related issues such as conspiracy to defraud, fraudulent trading, and fraudulent accounting.

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