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Bank Fraud

NYC Criminal Attorneys Are Your Best Defense Against Bank Fraud Charges

What is Bank Fraud?

Bank fraud is a term used to describe various non-violent, white collar criminal offenses perpetrated against or by a bank, lien holder, or other financial institution. Bank fraud can occur when a person tries to obtain or secure funds, assets, or property held by a bank or financial institution by fraudulent means. It can also be a crime committed by  a bank or individuals representing a bank, such as rogue trading or accounting fraud, where the bank falsifies information in order to appear financially stable, licensed, or secure to induce investment or deposit of funds by third parties.

Different Types of Bank Fraud in New York

Types of bank fraud include:

Bank Fraud Lawyer in NY

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There are a large number of offenses that can be categorized as “Bank Fraud”. It is important to note that many types of bank fraud can also be considered a crime in interstate commerce, and crimes in interstate commerce constitute federal crimes. Federal crimes are serious business with serious, life-altering consequences. The United States Department of Justice has a deep pool of resources and facilitation techniques which sometimes allow them to prosecute more vigorously than individual states. If you have been charged with any type of bank fraud or if you understand that you may soon be charged with bank fraud you should immediately seek legal counsel from a qualified New York City criminal defense lawyer.

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In the Supreme Court decision Williams v. United States (1982), the Court held that certain check floating schemes rise to the level of making false statements to financial institutions. In response to that decision, Congress passed the Bank Fraud Statute (18 U.S.C. § 1344), which criminalizes various fraudulent activity relating to financial institutions.

Why You Need a New York Bank Fraud Lawyer to Represent You

In addition to the complications that come with being a federal crime, bank fraud can be difficult to properly defend because of its complicated, technological nature. These crimes are not your run-of-the-mill theft crimes. They have their own language, their own terminology, and they can be difficult for a layperson to understand. If you have been accused of bank fraud, you need an attorney who understands the financial industry and will be able to protect your rights. Just because a lawyer handles criminal cases does not mean they are qualified to handle bank fraud and other white collar crimes. These crimes are serious, and complicated, and if you have been accused of bank fraud in New York, you need a lawyer who can stand up for your rights.

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