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    Notices to clients

    Appearance instructions

    1. Arrive at the court before the time ordered. Find your name on the court calendar located on the first door. Be sure to ask a court officer where the court calendar is if you do not know.


    1. Go to the assigned court room and wait. If you cannot find your name, ask court officers for directions to the Clerk’s Office. Provide the Clerk of Court your name and you will be directed to the proper courtroom.


    1. Typically, while you are waiting, maybe 2-3 hours, our attorneys will be negotiating your case with the judge and prosecuting attorney. Additionally, we will be handling any “housekeeping duties,” such as ordering an interpreter or ordering court files.


    1. While you are waiting, please do not call us during the first hour and a half. This is our busiest time working on your behalf. However, feel free to call us at 212-729-1632.


    1. If, which is unlikely, your case is called, please tell the court officer that you are represented by Bukh Law Firm. They will return you to your seat and recall you when we are present. Make sure to call us to let us know your case was called.
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