Deferred Prosecution Agreements: A View From the Trenches and a Proposal for Reform


Deferred and nonprosecution agreements are the Department of Justice’s (“DOJ”) new weapons of choice for “reforming” corporations.1 Rather than risk the severe collateral consequences that accompany an indictment and conviction,2 companies now are offered the opportunity to cooperate, pay massive fines, commit to elaborate undertakings, and remain under probation-like supervision for some period of time more »


Refresher Tips for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Senior couple meeting with agent

Criminal defense attorneys always face an uphill fight when defending clients who have been charged with committed different crimes. If a person has been arrested, the government certainly feels they have good evidence against the accused. While this is taught in first year law school, a reminder is always in order. Here are a few more »


Felony Cases in Bronx Have Longest Delays


One of the central ideas of our criminal justice system is the promise of a speedy trial. Felony cases in the Bronx have seen the longest delays in New York City. Seven in 10 cases have surpassed the state’s guidelines, which require that most felony crimes be tried within 180 days. Cases are piling up more »


New York Criminal Attorney Talks About Your Rights

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New York City Criminal Attorneys (mostly the court-appointed ones that don’t really want to handle your case) sometimes like to pretend that the justice system works very differently than it does–specifically how it does on television.  Police officers may lie to you in order to get you to confess.  This is legal.  That is why I more »