New York City Announces New Marijuana Policy


Mayor Bill de Blasio has unveiled a new plan regarding the enforcement of law on marijuana possession. According to the new announcement, people found in possession of small amounts of marijuana will be given a ticket and will be cited for violation instead of being arrested and charged for a crime. This could potentially be more »


Black Collar Crime Round-Up: December 26, 2010

Black Collar Crime Round

Awaiting sentencing: Carlton F. Hammonds, 56, former pastor, Willows Baptist Church, Willows, California, after an October 1 conviction of three felony counts of lewd acts and one misdemeanor count of sexual battery against two teenage girls. Hammonds was due to be sentenced in November, but prosecutors are considering asking for a psych evaluation before sentencing. more »


List of New York Crimes (Alphabetical Order)

NY Court System

New York Crimes Arranged in Alphabetical Order Being charged with a felony or misdemeanor? See the list of all offenses in New York State CRIME NAME PENAL CODE OFFENSE LEVEL abandonment of a child 260.00 E non-violent felony abortion in the first degree 125.45 D violent felony abortion in the second degree 125.40 E non-violent more »


Arrests Rise, Prisons Empty?

Rise in arrests in NYC

The biggest observation over the last few years is that the crime rate in New York City has fallen. Unbelievably, the New York Post reports that aggressive policing can also lower prison population. This certainly does not seem obvious, but studies have shown that New York State’s prison population has fallen and yet we’ve all more »