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I was charged by New York State with a string of offenses from one traffic stop, including DWI and illegal possession of a firearm. I knew I was in pretty big trouble and I needed help. I hired Mr. Bukh as my defense attorney. He was a pretty no nonsense person. He told me what I was facing and what some of my options were. He treated me with kindness and courtesy. He kept me in touch with the proceedings. And he did a great job of defending me. Things could have been a lot worse. Mr. Bukh provided a quality service for me and I recommend him highly.


Arkady Bukh really proved himself as fighter in my case (which is what I really needed to win) and went above and beyond to help me get the justice I deserved! This guy is the real deal. I knew I was innocent. He clearly believed in my case and together we challenged and conquered! Arkady is really the best!

Bob F. (NYC)

Arkady was recommended to me by an attorney friend of mine who works in another area of law. My wife had been involved in a DWI incident and needed legal services right away. We were able to schedule a consultation in a timely manner and Arkady was eager to help with the issue at hand. I appreciate Arkady and his staff for being so willing to help us during our time of need.

Cecelia D.

I retained Arkady Bukh after a frivolous legal action was taken against me. I was in a really confusing situation and it was a real mess. Although I am not based in New York City, Arkady was a great person to talk to and he helped to ease my mind with what I was dealing with. He had a plan and we took action on it. He ended up getting the charge dropped and helped to resolve the legal issue in the best way possible. I am really pleased that I had Arkady Bukh as my attorney.

Michael S. (Westchester County)

Arkady is phenomenal! You get the feeling right away when you meet him that this guy knows what he is talking about. He listens to what you have to say, pays attention to details and has a firm grasp on the legal system and what he can do to help you with your specific legal issues. He is well connected in the community and has a very professional team that he works with for the benefit of his clients. He has what it takes to find the best solutions for your own case. When experience matters, choose Arkady Bukh!


Attorney Arkady Bukh is an amazing criminal lawyer. He is the rare combination of smart, friendly, confident and is a seasoned professional. Arkady is a great listener and communicator. He is also very passionate about what he job and knows the system well. I have had the pleasure of working with Arkady in the past and when it comes to criminal defense lawyers, they don’t get any better!

Robert (Brooklyn, Kings County NY)

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation and gratitude to Arkady Bukh and his legal team for helping me with my issue that I needed representation for. This was quite an emotional dilemma I was dealing with and I really felt my situation was in good hands. Arkady was amazingly receptive and compassionate about my criminal case and was always able to get back to me quickly whenever I needed to talk about it. I am so glad this issue is finally behind me now and I can’t thank Arkady and his team at Bukh Law Firm enough for their valuable service.

James Carter (New York City)

Case dismissed! An unprovoked altercation with a hothead in a supermarket parking lot had me facing time in jail and potentially leaving my family homeless. I had never been in trouble for anything before and suddenly I was arrested and charged with a crime. I knew I needed an experienced professional in order to help me with this. My family depended on it! I got on the phone and made some calls to people I know. One of them gave me the name and number of Mr. Bukh. I called him. We met, we talked, he listened and then he gave me his honest assessment of the situation. He felt the case against me was weak and believed he could be of assistance in my situation. He took on the case and started working on it immediately. He got statements from eyewitnesses and examined copies of video surveillance where the incident occurred and other information beneficial to my case. The case never even made it to trial. It was dismissed before we went to court. I was cleared of any wrongdoing. Retaining Mr. Bukh as my attorney was the best decision I could have made!

Aubergine K.

My son got in trouble with the law along with a couple of other teenagers he was hanging out with and was arrested. A criminal defense lawyer was needed for the charges against him and the other boys – they were charged in Manhattan (New York county). We hired Mr. Bukh to take on my son’s case after an initial consultation. Mr. Bukh reviewed the charges and explained to him what the legal consequences could be. He also listened attentively to my son’s side of the story and asked a lot of specific questions pertaining to it. I was impressed with his demeanor and his ability to address our concerns. He was very much in control and knew exactly what to do. That gave me a lot of confidence that we were getting a quality professional. My son ended up getting probation for his actions and was able to avoid any actual jail time. Hopefully he has learned a valuable lesson through this ordeal that could have been a lot worse for him. I’m thankful for the services Mr. Bukh provided. I feel like he went above and beyond in his efforts to keep my son out of jail and have a shot at a better future.

Jenny Rodriguez (New York)

I highly recommend Arkady Bukh. I retained Arkady to represent me in my criminal defense manner and I was very impressed with the speed and thoroughness of which it was handled. Arkady is very experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable about the criminal law. His staff was also very courteous and helpful. Arkady and his team did a great job on building my defense. When I had questions, they had answers. Arkady kept me informed of what was going on as my case progressed and was straight with me about the potential outcomes. Arkady is an excellent courtroom attorney. He presented my case vigorously and with integrity. He did a great job interviewing and cross-examining witnesses. He kept pointing out the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. Eventually, we won an acquittal. Arkady Bukh is a great NY defense attorney who will work hard to fight for you!

Graham (New Jersey)

I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the service and professionalism of Mr. Bukh when it came to handling my case. After consulting with a few other lawyers, I met with Arkady and knew he was the guy who would best represent my case. After a reviewing my case, he told me exactly how he would proceed and why. He came across very confident and sincere. To make a very long story very short, Mr. Bukh was eventually able to get my charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. I was thrilled! If you need a top notch criminal defense attorney, you owe it to yourself to have a consultation with Arkady Bukh.

John C. (New York)

A weapons charge that was filed against me in the Bronx Supreme Court in New York was threatening to destroy my life and my future. Fortunately the charges were eventually dropped, but had they not been, things could have been catastrophic. Therefore, I am very grateful for the services of Arkady Bukh, who took on my case. His diligence, research and knowledge of the law were exactly what I needed to win my case and get my life back.

Latoya (Bronx NY)

Arkady Bukh did a great job advising and helping us through an extremely difficult time for me and my family. He was always accessible and gave us a tremendous sense of security about my felony case. I really appreciate the effort he put into my case and his sense of compassion. It was very reassuring to know I had a true professional on my side.

Borukh K.

Sometimes life hands you situations that are out of your control. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And sometimes you need a expert to help you when these things happen. This is why I chose Arkady Bukh when I was in a time of need. Arkady is highly qualified and experienced criminal lawyer. He knows his stuff, cares for his clients and is a real pro. He fights hard for you and to produce the best outcome for you. He did for me. He treated me with respect, communicated well and was very open and honest with me throughout. He provided a valuable service for me that I am very grateful for!

Mikel (NY)

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Arkady Bukh and his staff for handling my Manhattan criminal case and giving me my life back. After an unfortunate situation I found myself in a position I could never have imagined. There were serious legal issues I was facing that required the services of a criminal defense attorney. Without going into details of my legal issues, let’s just say I was pretty overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. I had a difficult case that could have drastically altered my life. Arkady understood my concerns and was able to answer all of my questions. I felt he truly cared about me as a client and had my best interest in mind. Considering the circumstances, Arkady really went out of his way to fight for me and was able to cut a deal that could have been a lot worse otherwise. I liked the way he communicated with me and was really straight up with me about everything. Arkady helped me get my life back on track. I highly recommend him if you need a good defense attorney in NYC.


I was in need of a defense lawyer and because of the complex nature of my case I needed someone experienced in a particular area here in New York. I found Arkady Bukh to be the best lawyer for what I was up against. He took a sincere interest in my case and if I ever had any questions or concerns, his office was very accommodating. Arkady was very thorough in building my defense and kept me well informed of all changes and developments. When it came time for trial, Arkady was a real fighter for justice and was brilliant in the courtroom. I was really impressed with how meticulous he was with the preparation and delivery of my case. Arkady Bukh is amazing at what he does and was clearly the right choice for me.

Julia M. (State Island NY)

My anxiety level was through the roof! I was being accused with something of which I absolutely did not do and was looking at some very serious charges. I felt like my world was collapsing around me and I didn’t know what to do. I really faced some serious prison time. A colleague of mine told me to give Arkady Bukh a call about my problem. I met with him and we talked all about my situation. He asked me a lot of questions and took a lot of notes. We talked about what I could expect and what we should do next. After my consultation I felt a lot better knowing that I was giving my case to someone who was experienced in this area. A few days later, Arkady contacted me again and had good news about my case. We were able to resolve the criminal matter without having to appear in court. I was so relieved! There is no way I could have resolved this by myself without a quality criminal defense attorney.

Josh (Manhattan)

My son was in an accident and was also charged with a DUI. He had some serious legal challenges as a result. Arkady Bukh was recommended to us by a friend and we hired him for his criminal defense services. Arkady and his team took on the matter and kept us informed throughout the process. They represented my son professionally and helped immensely in getting this issue resolved.


I had an incident where a person who I had a heated - yet non physical argument with decided to file a restraining order on me and lied in court to get it. Furthermore, this individual proceeded to call my business contacts and tell them of this order and encouraged them to stop doing business with me. I had a consultation with Arkady Bukh and told him everything. He said I had a good case and I handed it over to him to take care of. We challenged the order and when we went to court, Arkady provided the testimony and evidence to the judge of wrongdoing on the behalf of my accuser and the case was dropped the next day. Arkady Bukh really went to bat for me and helped to clear up this mess I had promptly and professionally. I am very grateful for his service.

Amelia (NYC)

I recently found myself in a predicament that I was unable to handle on my own. I knew I needed a real professional that could give my case the best representation possible. After doing a bit of research, I contacted Bukh Law Firm and scheduled a consultation. We sat down and discussed the details of my case. Arkady really listened closely to what I had to say and asked me a lot of relevant questions. I could feel he was very experienced, knowledgeable and tuned in to the specifics of my criminal case. He told me what he thought our next course of action should be and I retained him to represent me. Arkady Bukh and his staff took control of my case and immediately went to work to get the necessary information in regards to my defense. When it came time to go to court, Arkady presented my case professionally and confidently. I was really pleased with the outcome of my case and I am very happy I chose Arkady Bukh to represent me!

Joseph, New York NY

Bukh was my second lawyer--but he should have been my first. I had a high profile white collar hacking case that could have put me in prison for life. After the other attorney took $60K of my money with zero results aside from the fact that I was sitting behind bars I chose Bukh. My life term ended up with me doing two years and loving this man for life. Now, I'm back home with my wife and kids and have set my life back on track. Bukh wasn't just my lawyer, he was also my friend. He helped me get started on an entirely different path when I got out and for that I will always be grateful.


For this level of service you should charge your clients twice as much. Bukh is the best family lawyer I ever had (and that's my 3rd divorce) .You will be my attorneys for my next pre-nup, but don't worry. I'll enjoy my freedom for a while. You know how to save people money and time. I believe that you really should reconsider your hourly rate. You are the best and you know that I mean it!

Victor L

Queens, NY

I know that what I did wasn't at all the right thing to do, and I will always feel bad about what I've done. I am so very sorry for the things I did in my past. Thanks to you I will have the ability to make things up to people in my future. Giving you positive feedback is the least that I could do for you, since you've pretty much saved my life. I wish I could be more specific or refer people to you, but the nature of my case prevents me from doing so. I will just say: Thank you very, very, very much. 100% -professionals. 100%-people.

Maria M

Brooklyn, NY

I was arrested on a felony charge that would have been 25 years to life and Bukh got my charges down to a violation ( $200 fine) . I love this man. People might think that 95% of the work is done by other attorneys but that is not the truth. Bukh will personally do the job. Wooow ,what a reputation.

Alex M

Brooklyn, NY

Bukh is one of the most publicized attorney in USA . See for yourself at Believe it or not, Bukh picks up the phone day and night. I Called a dozen attorneys before I called Bukh- the price was average for a New York City criminal lawyer, but his reputation is TOP notch. I'd use him again and recommend him to any of my friends and family.


New York, NY

I was told that litigation could take up to few years... The case ended up being settled within 45 days after few letters and phone calls. Result was very good.

David Levi

Forest Hills, NY

My two years old divorce case went in different direction once I changed my attorneys. When I told my ex's lawyer that I hired Bukh & Assoc. she began to change her attitude. You should hear her before and after. Thank you from all of us. I wish I knew your phone number at the very beginning.


Mother-of-three Fort Lee NJ

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