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New York Drug possession lawyers see more criminal cases involving a drug charge than almost any other criminal offense. In times of economic troubles, many people turn to drugs and alcohol as a way of dealing with the stress of job loss and financial insecurity. It is no secret that until the United States Government treats drug use and abuse like a health issue instead of a crime there will always be a need for a NYC drug lawyer who focuses on helping people avoid jail time for drug possession charges, drug distribution charges and/or other drug-related offenses.

Our top ranked Federal drug lawyers are not only well-equipped to provide you with assistance through your possession of a controlled substance case, but you will also find that they are also willing to listen to what you are going through without judgment or recrimination. We understand that no one wakes up and decides to become a heroin or meth addict. The original decision to use drugs is a poor decision, but it is a mistake that is very difficult to pull yourself out of once you have begun. Our attorneys understand that we all make mistakes, we all have our own struggles, and they are available to assist clients in a way that is not judgmental, and is aimed at not just helping their clients avoid conviction, but to also help them move toward recovery and rebuilding their lives.

Arrested in NYC on drug charges?


If you are facing a drug charge in NY, such as a cocaine charge or any other type of Federal possession of a controlled substance call us today @ (800) 601-0207. Our New York City drug defense lawyers believe that drug addicts and substance abusers need help and treatment, not punishment! We work diligently to find a solution through the courts that does not require jail time for you. If you or a family member is struggling with addiction and is in trouble with the law, please call us to discuss your options. Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC is of the top ranked criminal defense attorneys in New York, often praised for being capable legal advocates, but also compassionate and non-judgmental listeners.

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Our strong New York Drug Possession Attorneys and drug trafficking lawyers are experts at what they do

Each of our highly experienced NYC drug charge attorneys and drug crimes lawyers are in court each and every week mounting successful marijuana defenses and helping people out with their cocaine charges. We wouldn’t be good at what we do if we didn’t do it often. There are a lot of so-called marijuana attorneys and Manhattan drug defense attorneys out there that who promise to help you with your charges, but not all of them focus on criminal law, much less are strong lawyers for NY drug charges. If you have an attorney already, make sure you ask about their track record. Find out how many successful dispositions they’ve received this year in your jurisdiction for drug possession charges. What you find out might be surprising. And if you’re disappointed in their answer, call us. Remember that you always have the right to hire a new attorney for your case.


Remember that Riker’s Island is filled with non-violent drug offenders. Ask yourself how they got there. You don’t want a dentist to deliver your baby or a gynecologist to perform your heart surgery, so you don’t want a former real estate attorney handling your possession of a controlled substance charge in NY Supreme Court. Get an experienced, competent attorney on your team as soon as possible, to maximize your chances of successfully beating your drug charges.


If you are in trouble with the law over a drug charge call or visit our offices today!

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NYC Drug Charges: Drug Possession Charges or Intent to Distribute?

Over the many years of representing clients in the New York City area we have handled the cases of many individuals charged with drug charges and or drug related offenses and have come to understand that good people fall into bad times and then bad situations. Sometimes people break the law because they wanted to provide a better life for their families. When you are a New York defense attorney you hear these stories. You begin to understand the forces that shape an individual’s decision making, and you better understand why and how someone could end up in the backseat of a cop car, and you want to help.


If you are looking at Federal level cocaine charges or heroin possession that also as related charges of “intent to distribute” or possibly other related offenses that elevate your drug crimes to the level of federal rather than local attention you need to hire experienced NY drug trafficking lawyers. There is a huge difference in not only the drug possession charges themselves, but how they must be handled by NYC drug offense lawyers. Courts are sometimes willing to overlook a possession of a controlled substance – even cocaine charges if the amounts imply a “personal use” and if it is your first offense. If your case involves not only a drug possession charge but also with intent to distribute the courts are looking to put you away for a long time. Your Manhattan drug crimes attorney’s will need to mount an aggressive offense to suppress evidence, as well as paint you as a human being with a story that is worth listening to.


Those who have been arrested with large quantities of drugs are without a doubt seen automatically as villains, as opposed to those, who have personal use levels. These individuals need an emotional marijuana defense or for their drug offense lawyer to suggest drug rehab or other inpatient program that will satisfy the courts that the person is taking the drug possession charge seriously. Our New York City drug offense attorneys are able to do this time and time again from Manhattan to Nashua county—yes, even Nashua county.


However, when you have been arrested in New York on drug charges that also involve drug trafficking or intent to distribute, you must quickly move to mount an aggressive defense that looks to suppress evidence. The fact is that most people end up in jail because they chose to hire attorneys who are good-hearted, but overworked and under pressure. Your run-of-the-mill NYC drug offense lawyers might not care whether you are convicted or not, or they might think you have a good case but lack the time and resources to go up against an overzealous prosecutor. With all respect for the drug crime attorney’s that act as public defenders for the poorest of us, they are overworked and simply cannot write the large quantities of motions and maneuverings that it takes to suppress the evidence that the ADA and other prosecutors will throw at you in court. Don’t trust your future and your freedom to just anyone. NY Drug trafficking lawyers like the ones at the Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC will work tirelessly to move to suppress, to push for discovery, and mount a strategic and hard-hitting defense. This is the type of Federal drug defense lawyer you need, not someone who is rushing from court to court handling arraignments and encouraging you to accept the first plea deal an ADA throws out, so that they can take you off their caseload.


Moreover, you will find as you look around that many of the cheaper, flat-rate attorneys are actually only marijuana attorneys and not the type of aggressive drug defense lawyer who can stand up to the Feds and argue your case before the judge. Our attorneys know how to advocate, know when to challenge the prosecutor and when to bide their time. You don’t want to find out once it is too late that your drug lawyer has never handled a case of your size before. When you are looking for lawyers for drug charges—especially in cases of distribution or potential trafficking you must find an experienced drug defense lawyer such as the ones that make their homes here at Bukh Law. Drug possession charges are one thing, drug distribution is another. You need experienced Federal drug trafficking lawyers for that.


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Experienced New York Drug Offense Attorneys at Your Side All the Way!

The drug crimes lawyers at Bukh Law are there for you when you’ve been arrested on drug charges. We will aggressively defend you throughout all stages of the criminal process. We conduct thorough investigations of your case even before it gets to “pre-trial” stages. We are there through:



All pre-Trial Motions and Hearings

Trial, and



Federal crimes such as those involving drug trafficking have high conviction rates. Without a dedicated, experienced NYC drug possession lawyers on your side you could very well be looking at a great deal of jail time for your drug-related offense. We work aggressively to suppress evidence, create plea bargains or find grounds for dismissal. We don’t rest until we have exhausted all means of mitigating, lowering, or dismissing the charges against you. When you are seeking out lawyers for drug charges look to us!


That’s our promise to you. Call us today 800-601-0207 to see how New York’s top rated criminal firm can help your case. We are available 24/7.


A weapons charge that was filed against me in the Bronx Supreme Court in New York was threatening to destroy my life and my future. Fortunately the charges were eventually dropped, but had they not been, things could have been catastrophic. Therefore, I am very grateful for the services of Arkady Bukh, who took on my case. His diligence, research and knowledge of the law were exactly what I needed to win my case and get my life back.

Latoya (Bronx NY)