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Expert White Collar Crime Lawyers to Help Defend You in Cases of White Collar Crime

WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS are very busy these days. The proliferation of computer and cyber crimes has led to changes in the structure of justice departments. Increased paranoia has led to sweeping arrests, and the changes in law in regards to the penalties for this type of crime have become exponentially more severe. The need for attorneys who focus on white collar crimes such as: identity theft, card fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy are in high demand—especially those who have experience defending them on a federal level. In fact, many of the top New York white collar criminal attorneys are often asked to travel across the country to handle these types of cases. Our firm is known for providing clients with a white collar crime lawyer with the expertise and preparation to defend you against white collar criminal charges. *

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White Collar Lawyer: A Necessety Rather Than a Luxury

Many of our competitors claim to have the ability to structure a strong white collar criminal defense, but in reality they simply do not have the necessary expertise in hacking, computer fraud, or ID theft of our firm. When you are hiring a white collar crime lawyer from Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC here in New York, you are hiring a white collar defense attorney from the firm that has successfully defended the top white collar criminals from the FBIs own “Wanted” list. You are receiving the full benefit of having a white collar defense attorney from the top rated firm in this field. You need only look up our case history—something we’re proud to show!—to see that we offer you a WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY whose experience bolsters their ability to help you with your situation. *

WHITE COLLAR CRIME is the terminology used to describe those crimes perpetrated (mostly) in an office or “white collar” environment. Non-violent in nature, white collar crimes tend to be treated differently by the courts. On one hand the white collar defendant is not accused of doing physical harm in the perpetration of the crime, and therefore when it comes to determining the sentence for such crimes the courts are less-likely to put white collar criminals in the same “classification” as those that have committed acts of violence. On the other hand, white collar crimes account for $200 billion in loss each year, a number far higher than that of more “traditional” crimes like burglary or theft. This prompts greater scrutiny from law enforcement and justice officials. When you have been accused of a white collar crime such as EMBEZZLEMENT or COMPUTER FRAUD you must respond immediately by hiring an experienced white collar defense attorney that understands all of the complicated issues, legal and factual, that surround the prosecution of a white collar case.

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White Collar Defense Attorneys and Modern White Collar Offenses

As many of you know by now, these types of cases are prosecuted very differently now as opposed to a decade ago. This is both because cyber criminals have advanced their abilities and due to the increased powers of the federal government for surveillance granted by the Patriot Act. A quick look at the charges for these crimes and you will see that you’re being charged by the count, not by the amount. In cases of ID theft or card fraud, someone who has 20 cards with only $25 dollars on them each will have a larger leveling of charges then the shoplifter who stole merchandise in the exact same amount. Fear and terror drives the public’s desire for prosecution of these cases and federal and state justice officials are obliging with aggressive investigations and quick arrests. If you or someone you love has been arrested and charged with one of these types of crimes you need the same passion and aggression from your white collar crime attorney that you see in federal white collar crimes lawyer.

Any white collar crime attorney worth his or her salt has to be as well-educated in the “how” of crimes like hacking or computer fraud. He or she must be able to understand the mechanics, to know what is necessary in order to defend their client to the fullest. White collar crime attorneys should be as familiar with hacking terms as any member of Anonymous. He or she must be fluent in “cyber-speak” and the methods used by WHITE COLLAR LAWYERS at the Department of Justice to translate this to a jury. A white collar criminal defense begins with understanding the offense. An attorney has to be ready for what’s coming at them—and that includes anticipating the items that the federal white collar attorneys will have waiting for you during disclosure.

Embezzlement, Bribery, and Bank Fraud

A white collar lawyer will also be prepared to defend your crimes of embezzlement, bribery, and bank fraud. These types of “office” crimes are usually the domains of federal investigators and white collar lawyers and therefore have to receive the attention of a good white collar criminal defense attorney who has won cases in the federal jurisdiction, as well as, state.

Due to the types of unwanted exposure in these cases it is sometimes possible for a savvy white collar defense attorney to negotiate in special pre-arrest negotiations arrangements that will put you in a better position for crimes of embezzlement. If you are in a situation of self-surrender, call one of our WHITE COLLAR DEFENSE LAWYERS today.

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Insider Trading, Market Manipulation, Broker Fraud…

Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC has a dedicated team of expert WHITE COLLAR DEFENSE ATTORNEYS prepared to assist you in your criminal case. Being accused of a crime is a very difficult situation for the defendant and their families, but when you place your case in our hands you know that you can rest easy, because you are in the care of a top rated New York white collar criminal defense attorney, Arkady Bukh. The Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC has successfully handled multiple cases of insider trading, market manipulation, broker fraud and other white collar crimes in state and federal courts. *

At Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC we understand that many of the white collar crimes of FRAUD and embezzlement rely on dubious testimony and unconstitutional methods in the construction of the case. Our team has a extensive expertise and can pick through the prosecution’s case for weaknesses and instances of legal impropriety in order to mitigate and minimalize your case or have it dismissed entirely. Having handled cases with such prestigious agencies as the SEC, Department of Justice, the Department of Education and other governmental agencies, we have a level of experience that other New York white collar criminal defense attorney firms cannot provide.

So whether you are being accused of MEDICAID or MEDICARE FRAUD, check card fraud, or even high dollar embezzlement our firm can help. * We have the right team, the experience, and the reputation to successfully defend you against white collar accusations. When you are facing criminal charges you want one of the best legal representation your money can buy. You want the capable NYC white collar criminal defense attorneys at the Bukh Law Firm.

At Bukh Law Firm you are not only getting the very best team of white collar defense lawyers, but a compassionate, understanding ally in the fight to clear your name and reputation in the aftermath of accusation. Let New York Criminal Defense Law Firm handle your case. Call us today 800-601-0207. We are available 24/7.

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Arkady Bukh did a great job advising and helping us through an extremely difficult time for me and my family. He was always accessible and gave us a tremendous sense of security about my felony case. I really appreciate the effort he put into my case and his sense of compassion. It was very reassuring to know I had a true professional on my side.

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