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A federal criminal attorney is only as good as their experience defending their clients in federal court. Federal criminal law expertise is important, certainly. But simply quoting legal principles will not be enough if the attorney doesn’t have experience defending clients against federal criminal charges. Without experience within a federal court system at reducing or discharging federal charges, an attorney presenting himself or herself as a “federal criminal defense lawyer” will find that they are unable to deliver the same results that they were able to product in local jurisdictions. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. But do you want to be someone’s practice case?


In order to develop the skills necessary to defend federal criminal charges for a client, a lawyer has to put in years of practice working on federal felony cases. Unlike many of our competitors, our team of attorneys has an outstanding track record working for our clients. Our federal criminal lawyers have been all over the United States and the globe to handle federal charges, such as computer crimes (hacking), cyber terrorism, identity theft, drug trafficking, and bribery. In fact, our firm is probably most famous for handling the UN “Oil for Food” bribery case. Having a federal crimes lawyer with experience such as ours gives you the luxury of being able to sleep at night because your federal criminal defense attorney has been there, done that, and got the CNN byline.

FEDERAL CRIMES are those crimes which violate the Constitution or Federal statutes, such as:


  5. ARSON
  6. HOMICIDE (serial)


Federal Criminal Defense

In order to truly bill yourself as a federal criminal attorney you simply have to put time in the federal courts.

Those are but some of the more “serious” and well-known FEDERAL OFFENSES. Hate crimes, including name-calling where an individual felt threatened, are also designated as Federal offenses. Crimes committed while on an Indian reservation are Federal crimes. Even the theft of art from a museum is considered a Federal crime. In general, Federal crimes are those that affect or can have an effect on individuals or entities beyond the boundaries of the state itself—even philosophically as is the case with Civil Rights violations.

If you’ve been charged with a Federal crime you will need as many resources and subject matter experts as possible at your disposal. The Federal government has resources beyond what local or state officials can muster, and they will come after you to the full extent of the law.


But we can help.


Federal charges are no joke. The Feds have a long arm and deep wallets. When they come for you it’s with mountains of evidence and the very best of prosecutors. The federal crimes lawyers in our office understand this. We know that the US Justice Department doesn’t make a move until they believe that whatever federal charges they have will stick. Every federal criminal attorney knows that he has to be just as prepared, just as precise as the Feds and twice as confident. Federal defense attorneys must go in with as much confidence as the prosecutor on the other side of the aisle because in addition to evidence and court room expertise, your federal criminal defense attorney must also play a game of psychological chess. Knowing when to fight and when to cooperate is important. A federal criminal defense lawyer must be able to push the Feds to the point where they are uncertain of their own case before they will even begin to put forth a reasonable offer.


And that’s where the real work begins.


Federal Criminal Attorney

Our firm is one of the few New York defense attorneys who have a designated practice area for Federal crimes.


After your federal crimes lawyer has secured a reasonable first offer, he or she is then positioned to proceed with the real tough stuff. That’s where your federal criminal defense lawyer begins to earn his or her money. He or she must write motions, create a forensic approach, perform research, and then build your criminal defense. Federal defense attorneys must explore the evidence found in discovery, look for mitigating circumstances, ways to suppress evidence, throw out testimony, etc. A federal defense lawyer will have to engage witnesses, perhaps even coach them in preparation for taking the stand.


A good federal criminal defense lawyer must also know when to say “when” and to have the expertise and confidence that will enable you to trust in his better judgment. Here at the Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC we believe we have all that.


Our record for producing highly skilled and experienced federal defense attorney’s is unmatched. Check our record through the public courts system and see for yourself. When you need the very best federal criminal attorney, call us (212) 729-1632.


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