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    New York City Criminal Attorneys Will Provide an Aggressive Defense at your Trial

    A trial is the legal method of solving a dispute between two parties. There are two main types of trials: civil trials and criminal trials. In criminal trials, the two parties that are engaged in the trial are the state, who is claiming that a person has violated criminal laws, and the defendant, who is the person accused of breaking the law. They are referred to throughout the trial as “the defendant” and “the state” or “the people.” During the trial, the state, in the form of county, state, or federal prosecutors, explain the charges and produce evidence that they believe will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant has committed the crime. The defendant, however, has the right to present his or her own evidence, showing either that they did not commit the crime, or that the state’s evidence is too weak.
    A third party listens to the evidence and makes a decision. The third party is usually a jury in criminal trials, but it can also be a judge or a magistrate. There are two main types of trials in the United States: bench trials and jury trials. In a bench trial, the judge determines the verdict and the sentencing, and in a jury trial, those decisions are left up to the jury, which is comprised of members of the public. The third party will weigh the facts and evidence that are presented, and they will issue a ruling as to whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty.

    How Criminal Trial Attorneys Can Help With Your Case

    Not all attorneys are trial attorneys. Being a trial attorney means that the lawyer is comfortable arguing in a courtroom, questioning witnesses, and presenting evidence. They must also have an extremely good handle on the laws of evidence, so that they can point out any illegal evidence that is being used against their client by objecting to it. During the course of any trial, the presiding judge may cancel the trial prior to the verdict being returned. There are many reasons for this:

      • Misconduct on the part of the prosecution, jury, or court officials
      • Issues of jurisdiction
      • Evidence was improperly collected or submitted
      • Jury disqualification

    Trial cancellations are called “mistrials” and often will result in a case being retried. Exceptions to this are when the Constitution protects the individual from being retried, also known as the “double jeopardy” rule. It is your attorney’s job to point out any errors that are happening in your trial. They need to know the rules of the courtroom so well, that they can notice an error that could result in your trial being dismissed. So when you get to court, who do you want there with you? You want an experienced trial lawyer from Bukh and Associates.

    The New York City defense attorneys at Bukh Law Firm, P.C. will be your fierce advocates throughout the criminal process. We deliver legal advice to help you achieve a reduced sentence or, if possible, a dismissal of charges. Call us today at (800) 601-0207.


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    Bukh was my second lawyer--but he should have been my first. I had a high profile white collar hacking case that could have put me in prison for life. After the other attorney took $60K of my money with zero results aside from the fact that I was sitting behind bars I chose Bukh. My life term ended up with me doing two years and loving this man for life. Now, I'm back home with my wife and kids and have set my life back on track. Bukh wasn't just my lawyer, he was also my friend. He helped me get started on an entirely different path when I got out and for that I will always be grateful.


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