Computer and Internet Fraud


Computer and Internet Fraud


COMPUTER FRAUD is any form of fraud scheme that is computer assisted. Most popular today are the Internet fraud schemes such as those perpetrated through e-mail, chat rooms, message boards, or Web sites. Internet fraud generally refers to any type of fraudulent use of a computer and the Internet, including the use of chat rooms, e-mail, message boards, discussion groups and web sites, to conduct fraudulent transactions, transmit the proceeds of fraud to financial institutions, or to steal, destroy or otherwise render unusable (the proliferation of viruses for example) computer data vital to the operation of a business.
Law Office of Bukh & Associates, PLLC, PC is a Top Ranked criminal defense law firm with experience in handling Internet offenses and computer fraud crimes. Please take a moment to visit our “In the news” page to see how many internet fraud related cases we’ve successfully handled. Our attorneys bring a strong background in defense of computer crime and Internet offenses to every case we handle.


Most people think that what they do in cyberspace stays in cyberspace. Our Computer and Internet crime attorneys know differently. Technology has made tracking of downloading illegal material and other on-line behavior transparent to search engines, federal authorities, and local police. Many of our clients arrested for Internet and computer fraud crimes are facing charges involving the following:

  • Downloading Illegal Pornography
  • Hacking or Illegal Access of Computer Systems, Intrusion Offenses
  • Downloading and Illegal File Sharing Charges
  • Internet Fraud and related Offenses, such as “Click Fraud” and Spam
  • Identity Theft Charges
  • eBay fraud and other Computer Fraud Matters
  • Phishing and spamming
  • Copyright violations

    Penalties for Internet crimes can be very severe. Our New York Defense lawyers will consult with computer forensic experts in cases involving computer crime and Internet fraud charges in NYC and the state of New York and New Jersey. We understand that these cases are complex and often involve potentially illegal searches of our client’s computer hard drives, e-mail accounts, and homes.


    Our attorneys are sensitive to our client’s privacy and are committed to protecting clients’ rights and interests throughout their case by providing confidential and discreet representation. We give you confidence in your legal representation in criminal defense matters, so that you can concentrate on putting your life back in order. In addition, our firm is dedicated to using the latest technology to provide our clients effective and efficient legal advice and representation.


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    I had an incident where a person who I had a heated - yet non physical argument with decided to file a restraining order on me and lied in court to get it. Furthermore, this individual proceeded to call my business contacts and tell them of this order and encouraged them to stop doing business with me. I had a consultation with Arkady Bukh and told him everything. He said I had a good case and I handed it over to him to take care of. We challenged the order and when we went to court, Arkady provided the testimony and evidence to the judge of wrongdoing on the behalf of my accuser and the case was dropped the next day. Arkady Bukh really went to bat for me and helped to clear up this mess I had promptly and professionally. I am very grateful for his service.

    Amelia (NYC)